How to shave your head in the shower (4 Steps)


We understand your value on time, thats why we're providing our recommended steps to shaving while you're in the shower, which will save you tons of time. Why shave in the shower? Well it's much easier because you are maximizing your skin's moisture, so if you dont do it already, try it. 

STEP 1 ~ Grab a set of clippers and remove the guard for the shortest possible length removing the most hair your clipper is capable of.

STEP 2 ~ Shave your head with a pivoting razor head, to increase comfort.

STEP 3 ~ Begin from front and move on towards the back to shave across not against your hair.

STEP 4 ~ Use a mirror and your fingers to ensure you got everything, make sure to look in all angle.

Additional tips ~ Follow your finger along your razor to ensure you are getting every single hair. Also since your neck is the most sensitive aspect of your head, try to shave your neck last to maximize comfort throughout your shave.