How to grow a perfect moustache

It's Movember, and its not too late to grow out a stellar stache! Not only is the best time of the year to grow out that moustache, but its the best time to show it off at various fundraisers and event.

Here are the 5 steps a moustache you'll love:

Step 1 - Conditioning ~ Growing that Mo is a uncomfortable experience during the first few days. Your lips may itch and tickle, so apply some hair conditioner while your moustache is growing and make sure to keep it looking great with a brush of a comb.

Step 2 - Maintenance ~ You must keep it neat. How do you maintain that clean look? While dry, comb it to adjust your stache above your lips (so you wont make a mess while eating), then tidy it up with a trimmer or scissor.

Step 3 - Moisturize ~ Massage moisturizer into that Mo twice a day. You can use regular or facial moisturizers.

Step 4 - Wax ~ Keep the wax close for adding shape and definition, while removing fuzz. Put it on your fingers and distribute it evenly with a comb.

Step 5 - Patience ~ Your not going to grow the stache you have in mind over a a few weeks time, give it some time. You may want to try out different styles, to get the one that works for you.

Make sure to participate in the Movember Foundation, leading foundation bringing awareness and contributions to help men's health!