The 5 Best styles to keep your beard groomed

Here are some of our favorite beard styles and how you can maintain them to look the best they could be. It's up to you to decide which is best for you, so we recommend taking a look at some of our pictures and then trying them out for yourself.

Here are some timeless styles that you can try now:

Full Beard

This is one of the most common styles you've likely seen, which looks fantastic but comes with great responsibility! Remember to not let your beard grow out of control - you need to maintain it and treat it more than other hair on your body. You need to shampoo it, comb it, and untangle stubborn strands.


The name won't ring a bell, but the style may (we've added a picture of Robert Downey Jr. for your reference). This style is particularly great for those with narrow chins. First you need to grow your beard for 4 weeks before styling, and consists of shaven patches of hair under your lip (around your soul patch), and shaven off long sideburns - generally never past the middle of your ear. TIPS COMING SOON.



This is one of the most common and most desired styles. Its a nice balance of beard and no beard that has a clean look when well maintained. Remember to always keep your beard clean even when you grow your stubble. TIPS


A good mustache will stay with your for a solid amount of time and will give you something to style in many different ways. Regardless you want your beard to be long or short, it requires some time to maintain (yes the trend of maintenance is no joke). Throughout the process keep the mustache wax close. TIPS


Before pursuing this style remember you must have the ability to grow a full beard, and for the width of your chinstrap - the rounder your face is the thicker. We recommend starting wide and then shortening it carefully to find your perfect touch. 

Bottom Line Is: Whichever style you choose will be perceived by your cleanliness. As soon as you notice there is hair growing in the wrong areas - shave it!