Grooming tricks every man should know!

Believe it or not, there are better ways of using some of your favorite products! We've compiled a few of them here for you to try at home. Here are some awesome tricks we use all the time:

Cologne - Extend the scent of your fragrance by storing them in a cool place - away from sunlight. This will expand the quality for longer, maximizing that amazing scent.

Shaving Cream - Next time you need to shave, use just a small dollop worth (size of a dollar coin). Work it into your hands and add some warm water before working it into a lather. You'll notice that it becomes a lighter foam, great for close easy shaves. They'll last longer that way as well!

Razors - Keep your razor stored in a small glass in a dry atmosphere facing up. Never store your razors in the shower facedown. Moisture will full your blade and bacteria may form that could infect your face. 

Let us know how your grooming experiences changes, and if you have any questions please let your barber know!


Happy Spring,

The Trym Barbering Team