How to get rid of blackheads

What are these evil black dots on your head? Well they're a result of dead skin cells and oils that are trapped in your hair follicles. When they get exposed to air, they turn black. Squeezing them out is not recommended; like pimples it'll result in scars. Follow our steps instead and enjoy the results:

Step 1: Use Salicylic Acid ~ This will get deep into your pores, fighting those deep blackheads.

Step 2: Wash your face day & night ~ Use the cleanser and wash it off with that refreshing warm water.

Step 3: Moisture day & night ~ Use a light moisturizer meant for oily skin - not something heavy. 

When following these steps, remember consistency is key!

To prevent future black heads make sure to wash your face correctly, and remember consistency is key! If this doesn't help after several weeks of consistently following these steps, talk to your dermatologists for further methods or potential products.