How to grow out your hair the right way!

long hair.jpg

If you've wanted to grow your hair out, but feel it may or may not turn out well, check this out. As always we have simple steps to get you to that handsome look. You're probably looking at this picture the same way you do to starts like Leonardo DiCaprio - Impossible to look like this!

You may think they have 5 stylists each at all times, however they may not. Check out these four steps and try them out:

1 - Unravel those locks ~ Start with getting your hair to a state of comfort and lock free. If your hair is not meant for long hair and its fuzzy/coarse, then this hairstyle may not be for you. Also if you are balding long hair may actually draw more attention to those unfortunate locations.

2 - Get your patience ready ~ Getting long hair is not a three month process, be prepared to handle that hair of yours for another 12 months. Don't worry, in the end it'll be worth the wait!

3 - Keep it clean ~ Since your hair on top grows faster than sides, keep the sides clean up until you have four inches on top, then let it grow. Style it back from here on out.

4 - Visit your barber ~ After a short while, you want to visit your trusted quality barber as determined within our platform, to get it just right. Visit every 3 months to clean the edges, side burns, neck etc.

Like all good things, this will take some patience