How to trim your sideburn

Sideburns are what often make a great haircut look shaggy after a few weeks. Heres how you can clean-up your sideburn whenever you feel needed:

STEP 1 ~ Adjust your clippers to three eighths of an inch.

STEP 2 ~ Trim from bottom up, and adjust length to your preference.

STEP 3 ~ Remove the guard and trim around your ear (be cautious as you want to cut the least possible amount).

STEP 4 ~ Now set your clipper to two and more closely trim the bottom half your your sideburn. Skip this step if you dont want a fade effect - short on bottom and longer gradually on top.

STEP 5 ~ Lastly wet your sideburn and adjust your desired straight line on the bottom of the sideburn, we love to keep it around mid-ear. Remember the thickness of your sideburn should match that of your haircut.

Sideburns can make or break a great cut.

If you'd like further in person guidance to getting that perfect sideburn, feel free to ask your Trym Barber during his next visit.