Tips to get rid of ear hair

You may not realize it because its hard to see, but you may have some unattractive ear hair hiding from you. Of course nobody will tell you, and you may have already gone years without noticing. We're providing you today with everything you need to get rid of your ear hair, pick your poison:

Options to maintain your ears:

  1. Trimming ~ Cautiously, run a small trimmer around the front and back of your ears. This is the easiest and least painful process to get rid of ear hair, but be prepared to follow up and do repeat in a few days.

  2. Plucking ~ Grab a mirror, hold your ear back, and start plucking one hair at a time. This may sound like the least attractive route to getting rid of ear hair, but it will prevent you from needing to maintain the hair as often as our other recommended methods.

  3. Waxing ~ We realize this may be the least chosen method, but waxing at your local nail salon will remove every piece of hair within five minutes. 

Always let your Trym barber know to trim those pieces of hair out of the way.