Tips you need for the perfect stubble

Facial hair is in, and those doing it right can probably tell you about the compliments they receive since maintaining their beard. You may feel you dont have the full package, however we're happy to tell you even your stubble will do the trick!

That's because the goal of your beard should be to show your maturity and assertiveness, however that stubble will go longer than you may think. Here is your guide to having that perfect amount of stubble:

Step 1 - Use a adjustable beard trimmer with a built-in guard and lower it all the way back (also known as No. 1 length)

Step 2 - Trim your hair until a even level of consistency is achieved. This may require multiple passes.

Step 3 - Maintain your mustache with a trimmer end or scissors removing messy strain hairs.

Step 4 - Shave (trim first without guard if beard is lengthy) any hair on top of your adam's apple. Its a good habit to not go too close to your jawline as that will look overly thin.

Step 5 - Lastly trim off any hair on your cheeks followed by a clean shave remove signs of growth. Use your preferred discretion to straighten to your desire, remember to again not to decrease beard line.

Additional Tips:

  • Repeat this process as soon as your hair grows beyond desire (likely 1-3 days)
  • Remember that like cutting hair the details matter so although it may take a few attempts to get used to your favorite length, keep the lining in mind.
  • Running your finger through your beard may be useful to check for consistency