Tips to Get Rid of Razor Bumps & Burns! (aka how to shave properly)

Razor burns are ruining a lot of guy's killer shaves, and turning into unwanted razor bumps. Like many things there is not a single guarantee method to prevent them, however there are many steps you can be taking to limit them. The simple steps we provide you here on this post will show you what improper steps you have been taking, and teach you what steps to implement.

Step 1 ~ Moister - shower before your shave to ensure your beard is properly moistened (if unable to wash your face with warm water).

Step 2 ~ Shaving Cream - use a shaving cream appropriate for your skin type and type of hair.

Step 3 ~ Brush - apply the cream with a shaving brush, this will soften & lift hair away from the face resulting in closer shave without tugging at the skin.

Step 4 ~ Razor - do not use a dole razor, this creates drag against the skin (it is often recommended to use double safety razor which doesn't provide excess blade cutting the skin).

Step 5 ~ Method - Go in direction of beard growth with short stokes (shaving against direction of hair provides closer shave however more razor burns), and end with chin hair to allow toughest area to soften over time.

Step 6 ~ Post Shave - rinse with warm water, then cold to close the pores followed by pat of a clean towel.

Step 7 ~ Moisturize - shaving removes two layers of skin, which is why its important to moisturize (use one that is not greasy, absorbs quickly and drys without face looking shiny).

There is no one step that truly prevents burns and bumps, properly shaving is the most effective method.


If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or ask your Trym barber during your cut!